4 ways to be relevant in the new normal

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The current pandemic has accelerated digital adoption in companies across industries. According to WEF, At least 133 million new roles generated as a result of the new division of labour between humans, machines and algorithms may emerge globally by 2022. Another estimate by them shows that over 54% of all employees will require significant reskilling by 2022. So how does one make one self special in the new normal? Here are 4 ways to it:

Do a demand-supply analysis: Carry out research to choose the industry, companies, functions or roles carefully and work somewhere where your skill is in short supply.

Become a jack of all trades : Unlike earlier times, the new normal will demand you to carry expertise in two or more very disconnected areas which require diverse skills. So identify those skills and build expertise in it.

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Future proof your skills: Being creative, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, assertive communication among other such skills will become more crucial in future in addition to the domain or technology skills you may carry.

Develop a growth mindset: One needs to lot more agile to adapt to fast paced changes around us to survive and thrive in this new normal.

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Author, Award Winning Marketing Consultant, Certified Life Coach, Gender Diversity Champion, Professor